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Offsite Backup / Disaster Recovery

There are many dangers in business, but few as scary as losing all of your data. Consider that studies show 70% of businesses that suffer a serious data loss are typically out of business within two years. 

There are many points of failure for backup. The most common reason for loss of data is hardware failure, but only because the backup strategy was not sound. A hardware failure SHOULD be the easiest loss of data to recover from. The problem is that the majority of the time backups require human intervention (changing tapes, or removable media). Even if the employee is diligent, the tape may not get changed on a holiday, and this can cause a schedule to fail, and in some case cause a backup job to not run for months.

Finally, the vast majority of businesses who ARE backing up their data are only backing it up locally. This can provide some protection, but not against the most serious threats. Take natural disasters. If the building burns down with the backups inside, how would your business recover? Another major threat is a relatively new threat, and that is "ransomware". If you are not familiar with that term, it is time for you to google it. Ransomware has become one of the most serious threats to data in the World today. The best way to protect yourself from that threat is offsite backup.

Bergman Consulting Services offers periodic snapshots (typically every hour, but we can customize that to fit your needs). With those snapshots we can recover your data back to before the ransomware infection. We can also recover your data from being lost in a natural disaster, get your business back up quickly, and only having lost anything between the last snapshot and the time the disaster occurred.

By partnering with AppAssure™ from Dell, we can offer one of the most advanced backup solutions on the market today!