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IT Relocation Services

Are you moving offices? Whether you are moving into a different room, expanding a current room, changing floors in a building, or moving across town, we are here to help!

Bergman Consulting Services has years of experiencing moving IT infastructure for businesses. Moving can be an exhausting process even excluding having to move all of your servers, computers, printers, etc. Not to mention making sure the new space is optimally setup, will the HVAC be adequate to keep your equipment cool and humidity low? What about moving your DNS so that your email continues to flow and you don't lose valuable production time?

We can take care of everything for you! We can even contact telcom vendors and make sure data circuits and/or telephone lines are moved on time. We can take care of any low voltage wiring needs and work with contractors to make sure the space is move-in ready. We can take care of moving all of the fragile equipment, something many moving companies will not do because of liability reasons!

Instead of getting stressed out over an office move, let us handle the relocation of your IT infastructure. You have enough to worry about!