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We are a full-service IT consulting firm that caters to your small- or medium-sized business needs. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, we offer support for servers, work stations, desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, networking, wireless, telephones and security camera systems. We specialize in serving clients who need advanced solutions, but may not have the budget for an inhouse IT department.

With more than 45 years of combined experience, we are well-equipped to provide the comprehensive IT services you need. All of our solutions are customized to your specific needs and our skilled consultants work diligently day-in and day-out to meet or surpass all expectations.

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To bring advanced IT solutions to companies in a way that fits their business and their budget.


December 1st

The newest major ransomware continues to spread and wreak havoc!

Cyptowall 2.0 was discovered in October of this year and has spread faster than Cryptolocker. That original ransomware did widespread damage and collected tens of millions of dollars in ransom money before a security firm was finally able to gain access to the private keys and develop a removal tool.

Make sure you are running the newest version of ESET Antivirus, contact BCS if not or you are not sure. A higher end firewall is also suggested. Make sure you are on the lookout for suspicious emails. If you did not expect it, then it likely is not something you want to open.

While you can do a lot to help protect yourself, there is no fool-proof method of making sure you do not get infected by Cryptowall. The only way to really protect yourself is offsite backup through BCS. We can take snapshots of your data dating back a year or more and make sure no data is lost if you do get infected.

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